Excelsiors are booties that lets you make Type C (Orange) weapons and Elite force reavers. Listed below are types of Excelsiors.

Black Excelsior Melee/Dark Force
Blue Exclesior Staff / Wind Force
Brown Excelsior Earth Force
Green Excelsior Bow
Navy Excelsior Water Force
Olive Excelsior Jetpack
Purple Excelsior Purple Item Combiner
Red Exclesior Fire Arm / Fire Force
White Excelsior Holy Force
Yellow Excelsior Launcher

Excelsiors comes in 2 forms - Complete Excelsiors and Excelsior Pieces. Complete Excelsiors are also dropped in Couldron and Elan monsters.
Excelsior Pieces
Complete Excelsior

Grade A Used for Level 30-35 weapon / shield
Grade B Used for Level 40 weapon / shield
Grade C Used for Level 45 weapon / shield

Combination Recipe
•Gold and Silver Catalyst are sold in Tools NPC
•Combinations might fail and some materials gets destroyed.
•You pay a fee of 100k even if the combination fails.
+ + =
10 Pieces   5 Silver Catalyst   2 Gold Catalyst   Grade A
+ + =
15 Pieces   12 Silver Catalyst   5 Gold Catalyst   Grade B
+ + =
30 Pieces   20 Silver Catalyst   10 Gold Catalyst   Grade C