Type C Armors
• Type C armor is a combination of Type B (yellow) and Type A (purple) armors.
Combination failure will result with the lost of ingredients except the upgraded armor. The lower the armor upgrade, the higher the chances of combination failure resulting the lost of ingredients including the armor.
• Talics present in the upgraded armors will be wiped when combination is successful.
• Cost of combination is 1 million racial currency.
• Armor Ability reavers are found through inventor's box dropped by Assassin Builder.
• Type C armor upgraders are available
• Level requirement of combined armors may be lower than the original level.
List of abilities you can combine and its status:
Endurance Increases elemental resistance by 5
Fine Increases accuracy by 5
Grand* Increases attack range
Guardian Decreases the duration of debuffs by 10%
Protection Increases shield block rate by 5%. Can only be used on shield.
Saving* Decreases FP cost of skills and spells
Sharp Increases critical hit chance by 8%
Solid Increases defense by 10%
Strength* Increases hit points
Strong Increases attack damage by 5%
Vampire 4% of damage dealt is regained as hit points
Advanced Strength Increases hit points and force points by 6%
Anti-Sharp* Increases resistance to critical hits

*Abilities that cannot be used to combine. Attempting to do so may cause your ingedients to disappear or will give you a crafting failure error.