• Upgraders are used to upgrade weapons and armors without the use of upgrading tool.
• There are 2 kinds of upgraders - Favor Upgraders (armor) and Keen Upgraders (weapon).
Keen Upgraders
• Type C (Orange) - upgrades Type C weapons
• Type A (Purple) - upgrades Type A weapons
• Type B (Yellow) - upgrades Type B weapons
• Type N (White) - upgrades normal weapons
Favor Upgraders
• Works on all parts of armors.
• Type C (Orange) - upgrades Type C armor parts
• Type B (Yellow) - upgrades Type B armor parts
• Type N (White) - upgrades normal armor parts
• The numbers on the upper-right of the upgrader indicates the minimum and maximum upgrade result you can produce (at random). E.g. If upgrader has 4-6, a weapon can be upgraded to either +4, +5 or +6.
• Weapons should have no talics in it when upgrading with upgraders.
• Weapon's slot should meet the maximum number of upgraders that will be used. E.g. If upgrader have the range to upgrade from 5-7, weapon should have 7 slots.
• If upgrading fails, there is only a chance the weapon will break - not the upgrader.
• Upgraders are untradable.
• You can get upgraders from Celebration Boxes and Keen/Favor box that are both available in item mall.
• Upgraders may appear in either of the two colors:
   Black - 100% upgrading in first try.

   Red - may need to be used several times before upgrading succeeds.